Happy Jew-nnivarsary to me!

As I am sitting here thinking about what to write… I realize that I have officially been Jewish for one year.  With the excitement of Seder and my husbands birthday, I completely forgot about my own little milestone.  On April 14, 2013 I converted.  A friend of my husbands handled my conversion.  It was nothing short of amazing.  It happened in San Diego, California.. on the beach… my mikvah was the ocean.  My ceremony was like many others, including a panel of three Rabbis: Rabbi Newman, Rabbi Josh and Rabbi Gabriella.  Rabbi Gabriella sang.  I can’t remember the song, but it was beautiful.  After the ceremony on the beach, I headed to the ocean,  My husband came with me.  The water was freezing.  It had been a cold miserable weekend in San Diego.  The waves hit me hard and cold, nearly knocking the wind right out of me.  It was amazing.  You are only supposed to go under 3 times.  I went under 4.  Why?  Well because during one of my dunks, I wasn’t sure if I went ALL the way under.  Guess I just wanted one to grow on.  I came out of the ocean and the Rabbis signed my “Welcome to the Club” certificate (relax, I am teasing) and my husband gave me a beautiful necklace to commemorate the day.


   So a year later, I spent my milestone day with young soldiers going through basic training at Fort Benning.  Before you ask, No I did not take any pictures.  I was even asked by the Rabbi to read a little during the service.  The irony of the evening wasn’t lost on me.  There I was talking about the freedom of the Jews from Egypt… sitting among young men who will fight for my continued freedom. 

   So what have I learned this past year, my first as a Jewish woman? Well I am still learning =)

Happy Passover!



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