Cleaning out the Christmas closet

So we just moved.  I have discovered, yet again, that we have a ton of junk!  We have pending house guest next week, so we have been working extra hard to get things put away.  Goodwill will be getting another visit from me tomorrow with an assortment of cloths, blankets and other odds and ends that we just don’t need.  Among those goodies… Christmas stuff.  I never had tons of Christmas stuff.  I am more of a Halloween girl.  Today I sorted out a box with a lot of my old Christmas items that were stored in a closet.  Some of the items are gift baskets and things like that.  Donate, Donate, Donate.  I can hear my mother having a fit right now.  I don’t celebrate Christmas anymore really.  Obviously, I will probably got to Christmas parties for friends and family.  But in this house, we just don’t celebrate. 

Recently I have decided that I am not going to celebrate an event based on the other people I am with.  Let me explain: Recently a friend of mine got married.  I wrote “Mazel Tov!” on her card.  My husband said “She isn’t Jewish”.  So?  Dozens of people gave us Christian themed cards at our wedding, with writings such as “We will pray to Jesus for you” (not even kidding).  So why on earth should I lessen my beliefs?  Why should anyone?  We will no doubt get a slew of Christmas cards.  I will be sending out Chanukah cards.  When the holidays roll around, I will receive Christmas gifts, and I will give Chanukah gifts. 

And no one seems to care.  Wishing someone happiness is always a good thing.  Regardless if it come in wedding card with a cross on it, a Mazel Tov written in it, a Merry Christmas or Happy Chanukah.  We can embrace our own beliefs and still respect others


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  1. laurenbgammon
    Jun 27, 2014 @ 23:09:29

    Haha omg I love you! Finally I figured out how to follow you!! Yippee ✨❌⭕️


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