Being Jewish In America When Everyone Has an Opinion on the Israel-Gaza Conflict

It’s hard to be Jewish anywhere in the world right now. I have basically kept my mouth shut. There is so much to the story of Israel and Gaza. It is quite literally biblical. Israel isn’t fighting the children of Gaza. Israel is fighting the Hamas. A terrorist group. A group that sets up its rocket launchers right next to U.N. school, who little use the children as human shields. It’s ok, there is evidence out there to back me up on this. Guess what. Jews feel for the Palestinian children too. At Temple, for the Mi Shebeirach, we pray for healing for both sides of the conflict. Most people outside the Jewish community probably don’t know that. I don’t have the answers, and I certainly don’t pretend too. Don’t take everything on Facebook at face value. Do some research. Educate yourself. There have been so many anti-Semitic things that have happened. It’s scary. Rabbi’s getting killed in Florida…. Swastikas burned into hamburger buns at McDonalds…. Graffiti with hate speech in cream cheese. Open up your hearts, your eyes and your minds.


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