Friends with the enemy?

Throughout history, Jews and Muslims notoriously do not get along.   Even today, it’s a major issue.  Look at the attacks in Paris, the constant fighting between Israel and the West Bank.  Maybe it’s because I am a convert, that I don’t understand this hatred.  Recently I have acquired a new friend.  She is a good friend.  She is a great friend.  She is Muslim.  We talk about religion.  It’s always an open, understanding, accepting conversation.  Isn’t that the way it should be?  Why is it that two women in a small North Carolina city can figure this out, but world leaders cannot?  I guess my point in writing about this, is that, it amazes me how two people who are supposed to hate each other- don’t.  It’s because we don’t let history speak for out future.  Mutual respect.  That’s what we have.  And that’s what we can be friends.