Goodbye (sorta) Facebook 

You can’t make a comment anymore without someone getting on your case.  As if your comment is the result of exhaustive research and analysis… someone gives you the third degree.  For crying out loud, I just wanted to post a feeling… make a comment… express myself without getting attacked.  Good luck with that these days.  

Facebook has become a place for faceless abuse.  You will never see me… so why not get nasty? Go ahead, I can take it.  Well not everyone can, and frankly, I’m over it.  I found myself complaining about the social media wonder…then I realized…I can simply log off.  So I Uninstalled Facebook from my phone.  While I still subscribe, I have cut one of the major arteries.  Facebook itself has a lot of great qualities… I can’t say the same for everyone I have encountered on the site. 

So what’s the point of my rant? Be nice. It’s just Facebook.  So relax everyone.  If you find yourself getting fired up about something… log off, have a cup of tea and watch Game of Thrones.


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